Monday, February 22, 2010

Hackers and Remote Access to Your PC - is It Possible? By Lance Winslow

Some hackers claim that they can remotely access your PC, turn it on and then steal all your data while you sleep? Is that true? Well you might be surprised at that answer, are you scared yet? Of course your computer would have to be plugged in our your laptop fully charged and then they would need a way to access your computer thru a WiFi system. Can this be done?

Yes, well theoretically you could send energy via a directional wave device, perhaps by satellite or other local device. It would be easy to do with 3G, 3G+, 4G or 5G cell phone and so you could do it with a computer too (yes through walls). Simply use a pulse the device to turn it on. Yes that is theoretically this "IS" possible.

You could then continue to access all the data on the computer using directional WiFi, which at this year's Las Vegas hacker's convention they would not allow them to display these techniques due to laws against such things. You could then remotely surf thru the "targets" laptop.

Yes all this is theoretically possible, easy to figure out and therefore "Occam's Razor" would tell me that such technology is available and in use and probably in the military. I know for a fact that cell phones can be turned on via the cell-system sending out energy.

There are other technologies that spies use such as screen readers. But why bother, if you can WiFi hack their system? The espionage folks all do this with their secret stuff. How can we protect our important government, corporate or military computers in this case?

Well what about an underground facility, with water features above it, Faraday cage, honeycomb bounce back set up would do this, some aluminum mesh too. Perhaps dual glass paned windows with the radio playing between the glass? I mean I am sure that our Anti-ballistic rockets have all that and more in the nose cones to prevent electronic attack, EMP technologies, etc.

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