Sunday, February 13, 2011

Advantages of Remote Access Software by Phillip Presley

Remote desktop software will give any user the possibility to work anywhere with any remotely connected computer. Connecting to the remote desktop will enable the user to see the mouse pointer and all its movements, and then see everything that happens on the desktop via various keyboard commands. In other words, all of the commands from the remote computer will be managed as you would with your own computer as if you were there. The beauty of remoteaccess is the decreased need to be physically present to control a computer, which is highly advantageous if there are multiple computers to work on. Control and management of all computers will be centralized, and all operations such as administration and support, troubleshooting, and configuration can be done remotely through remote access software.

Some older connection tools only allow one user to be logged in per session. However, with remote desktop software today, the one user per session feature is bypassed. Modern remote access enables two users to be able to have active connections in one computer at the same time. This is a very useful feature in shared presentations, interactive education, and troubleshooting operations.

There is a wide array of remote desktop software available in the market today. Each will have different purposes and varying numbers of computers that can be accessed at one time. The cost of remote access software will depend on the set of features that will be included in the package, and also the number of controlled computers.

In the previous years when RAS still in its early stages, there was a considerable lag time between commands that are executed from the central computer to the remote computer. With the advent of instantaneous internet speeds, remote access can happen immediately without delay. Developers have worked on ways to create a perfectly simultaneous remote access response from one computer to another.

One very useful feature that has been added to remote access software nowadays is the ability for a user in the remote computer to communicate with the user in the central computer. This is particularly helpful in troubleshooting operations, and also in interactive education. It is a great way to perform checks and balances, as well as gain feedback and validation from the other user.

There are some remote access software programs now that enable users to record the session or capture screenshots. This is particularly great for those who may need proper documentation of every session. This feature works great for monitoring purposes using remote desktop software.

This article was written by Phillip Presley on behalf of Proxy Networks. He recommends you consider Proxy Networks for all your Remote Access Software, Remote Desktop Software, and PC Remote Access needs.

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