Sunday, October 23, 2011

Setup Remote Desktop Connection in Windows7 - Connect to A Remote Computer From Windows7

You can set up remote desktp connections in Windows7 without having to download any program or install any software application. Windows7 has built in support for remote connectivity, you can use the remote desktop connection wizard and connect to other computers, as long as both the computers are connected to the internet
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Download the Complete Video : With Remote Desktop, you can connect to your work computer from home and access all of your programs, files, and network resources as though you were actually sitting in front of your computer at work. You need three things to create a remote location 1. Microsoft Windows XP Professional must be installed on the computer containing the files and programs that you want to access from a remote computer. The computer must also be part of a corporate network in which Remote Desktop connections are permitted. This computer is known as the host. 2. The remote computer must be running Windows 95 or later. This computer must also have the Remote Desktop Connection client software installed. The remote computer is known as the client. 3. Both computers must be connected to the Internet through a VPN connection.


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